Thank you for visiting my poetry site. I started writing poems to help me understand things better. It’s a tool I use to crack open a subject and poke around. If you have any thoughts feel free to contact me. I want to thank the editors who publish my work.  Be well. Michael

Fairy Tale for Two Sad Men    


Ever after, the son breathes 

into every corner of the dim apartment, over 

the petrified crumbs of his childhood, 

so his newly widowed father, 

on his endless journeys - kitchen to bedroom 

to bathroom to window to kitchen–


will sense another: wife, 

God, son. Only one will really do. 

He fogs the dented doorknobs, sighs 


into the lampshades, 

steams each framed photograph. 

When the finger smudges of the past bloom 


from the tarnish,

it will be time to fly those forever miles 

to a coast far, far away from Queens. 


The son exhales over his mother’s plump 

stalwart face, his sepia brother drooling, his late uncle’s

intellectual bewilderment.


Had he captured just one 

of his mother’s breaths, he could have melted it

into a candle. His father would keep it by his bed, 


the flame breathing all night with him.



Appeared in Little Patuxent Review, Summer 2019