Thank you for visiting my poetry site. I started writing poems to help me understand things better. It’s a tool I use to crack open a subject and poke around. If you have any thoughts feel free to contact me. I want to thank the editors who publish my work.  Be well. Michael


Hershey Bar Girl   


Marry a girl who lays down on her grandfather’s grave

so on his first night he won’t be afraid. Give her the ice

cream test: when she refuses Godiva for Good Humor,

promise you’ll obey. You’ll die a little watching her pump

regular over high-test, spidering the hot hood to squeegee

bug guts and truckers’ spit off the windows; you’ll weep

as she buffs the mirrors back to new. Quit school, leave

work, shut the Bible. But don’t buy her bottled water. She’ll

keep it in the fridge – front shelf. Unopened, to remind you

every day of your life what real is.


Michael Mark

Appears in The Sow's Ear  2018