I was shy when it came to meeting girls. The first night of college  I wanted to go to the pub but my roommate said he was going to stay in the dorm and write. So I wrote, too. That was kind of the start. I have been lucky enough to work with some remarkable writers who taught me as much as I could absorb.  I received an MFA from SUNY Binghamton. My first books, Toba and At the Hands of a Thief (Athenaeum) were published  soon after I graduated. They were based on my grandmother’s stories though when she read them she said I hadn't listened to a thing she said. I had a wonderful career in advertising and now I am a volunteer at hospice. Lois and I have been married 37 years. Please check out her blog at midlifeattheoasis.com. Two of the most remarkable people in our lives happen to be our children. We miss our dogs.