Thank you for visiting my poetry site. I started writing poems to help me understand things better. It’s a tool I use to crack open a subject and poke around. If you have any thoughts feel free to contact me. I want to thank the editors who publish my work.  Be well. Michael

What Are The Odds

That this trip isn’t the stupidest thing he’ll ever do

That they won’t drive one mile before she asks, Where are we going? three times

That she’ll ask why can’t she drive anymore 

That she’ll cry her teeth hurt, she doesn’t want to go, where’s her momma

That she’ll ask if she’s dying 

That she’ll ask if he’s dying 

That she’ll say he’s not driving to the casino; he’s putting her in a home

That the handicap spot will be open in front of the lobby
That the manager will accept his expired voucher for nights two free and throw 

in two coupons for a free buffet 

That he’ll hit a blackjack  

That she’ll agree to stay at her slot machine until he comes back for her

but will get up, get lost, and scream until security comes

That she’ll remember their room number 

That she’ll look at her arm where he will have written the room number 

That he’ll be able to play the required three hours a day to earn the free room 

That he’ll be able to concentrate and not make dumb bets like last time 

That she’ll leave her purse in the ladies room, or the car, the buffet, the coffee shop

That they’ll find her purse each time 

That it will still contain her wallet, which he will empty except for $10 and a copy of her license

That she’ll remember to stay in the room when she wakes up from her nap 

That he’ll remember to tape WE ARE IN ATLANTIC CITY to the back of the door

That she’ll remember not to double-lock the door because then he’ll have to get security 

to open it

That they’ll split a muffin and cup of coffee every morning 

That they’ll find a sunny bench on the boardwalk 

That he won’t yell at her when she tries to take home the hotel ice bucket 

That this will be the last time in Atlantic City

That they’ll come home winners

-  Appeared in The SUN, October 2018